Second Hand Lasers in Demand

There is a severe shortage of second hand Lasers around the country, with plenty of interest from potential new sailors but suitable boats are hard to find.
So a few options;
Our dealers are happy to trade in your boat for a new one to increase the supply of 2nd hand boats, so why not upgrade your boat now. If you have been thinking about upgrading talk to Dan at Watershed (021 555 356) or Mike at NZ Sailing ( and get on with it. Then either sell your existing boat yourself or they can help you with selling/trading it in.
If you know someone who has a boat (or boats) that's not getting used for whatever reason encourage them to put it on the market. They can list in on the NZLA website, on Trade Me or through our dealers, I don't think it will be hard for them to find a buyer for sensibly priced boats.
If you know someone at your club who's looking for a boat encourage them to keep in touch and use your club contacts to see if anyone might have a boat they would make available.
Whatever way we do it it will be great to see plenty of new faces in the fleet. There are lots of boats out there that are not used regularly and getting them into the hand of someone keen to participate will help the class, the clubs and sailing in general so please have a think about it and do what you can to help build the fleet and get boats on the water.