Postcard from San Francisco - Day 4 Laser 4.7 World Champs

San Francisco, the city of peace, love and mung beans....
We got some peace this morning, the traffic was way down with the Marathon on and the Race Committee showed us some love by rescheduling the Coaches Meeting to 9.30am, and the beans? ....visit your local taco stand...
The Boys got to race first today, lighter winds and very moist, grey skies, me still feeling the cold with four layers and a full set of good foul weather gear, the sailors didn't seem to mind though, most of them are well kitted up and George at the Coral Reef clothing tent has done a great business making sure of that.
Today was the the last day of the qualifying series for the Boys, the first 55 get into the Gold Fleet and for those sailors like Taylor and Liam with a couple of indifferent days, they had to perform today.
Once again, Taylor and Liam were in Yellow flight, first start and they got off with just one General Recall, Taylor hit the front bunch and worked the shore , Liam got buried a little further back. Taylor finishing 5th, gaining 5 places on the last beat to Finish. Liam came in at 34th.
Ryan, Trent and Keith started next in Blue Flight and away they went, having the advantage of being able to see the favored side from the Yellow Flight in front. The three boys raced close together and finished well, Trent 12th, Keith 16th and Ryan 19th.
Taylor had strict instructions to start conservatively and both he and Liam avoided OCS in the next start. Liam sailed a good race to finish 12th, Taylor hit the front in the first beat and stayed there all race. The lead swapped a few times but each time Taylor fought his way back to the lead and got the 'Gun', the first Kiwi to do so. The Kiwi Flag was hung over the balcony of the Yacht Club as he and the other front runners sailed past for home. The Mojo may be back!
Blue flight struggled with the next start as the Ebb current really kicked in and sucked the sailors over the line repeatedly. 8 sailors were sent home after they were 'Black Flagged' and couldn't continue. Our sailors started well and stayed out of trouble,  Trent had another stellar race to finish 4th, Keith hot on his heels at 8th and Ryan still ok at 19th.
The overall places have changed once more, Keith still the leading Kiwi at 13th, Trent 14th, Taylor a big mover to 37th, Ryan 40th and Liam 48th. All have made the Gold Fleet and look forward to improving their positions.
More great news, the Race committee seems to have done an about face from the NOR and are now recording the Under 16 Boys. Normally there is a separate Championship  but they didn't reach the 35 threshold under the NOR. Last year in Thailand, Ryan won the Under 16 Worlds, this year Trent, as the youngest, is the only one of our Team to qualify, he is the front runner so far...... Go Trent
View the action at The Spaniards are still leading the Regatta.
Peace and Love to all our supporters
Rob Burn