Miranda achieves medal race milestone at the Delta Lloyd regatta

Miranda Powrie's campaign is on track with a great result qualifying for the medal race at the Delta Lloyd regatta.
She tells the story best ...

Hi Everyone,

After a slow start I had a great second half of the regatta, it must've been the buying a warmer jacket! I qualified for my first world cup medal race in 9th place, with the possibility to get to 7th, if I put two boats in between me and the Aussie and four in between me and the Belarus chick.

It was a windy race about 18-22 knots and I had a good start, I was winning near the top of the second beat when my outhaul broke, I hauled it back in and jury rigged it but by the time I had it sorted I was donkey last and had to limp to the finish in 10th place, which dropped me down to 10th overall. Still I learnt some good lessons, for starters I am changing the way that I rig my outhaul when I get to Weymouth! (Just a small change) and I was very happy to make and experience the medal race. For those who aren't familiar, the medal race is a "media friendly" race for the top 10 at the end of the regatta, it is double points and usually very short 20-30 minutes and close to shore. I found that it was similar to all the training and racing that we do at home, so was actually very comfortable with it.

Now i'm on the ferry to England and tomorrow I will settle into my accommodation in Weymouth and get ready for Sail for Gold regatta which starts on the 6th of June. This regatta will be a tough one as it is at the Olympic venue and everyone is out to prove that they can perform there. A lot of people used Delta Lloyd as a warm up/practice for Sail for Gold, some wind surfers even pulled out half way through Delta Lloyd to conserve their energy. I'm looking forward to the competition, it will be fierce!


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