Laser Sailing and Covid 19

Hi Everyone
Firstly I would like to sympathise with anyone directly affected by the virus. We are all affected by the fallout but it is clearly awful for anyone directly affected.
So where to from here 
The Government has been clear that sailing is not permitted under Level 4 or Level 3 so we all have at leat 3 weeks to wait to get back on the water. It is equally clear that none of us will be travelling offshore to sail for a while. We have cancelled all the main NZ regattas for the rest of the season in recognition of the countries effort to get rid of the virus.
So what do we do about sailing?
SUPPORT CLUB SAILING. Please, as soon as we are allowed get back on the water, support club sailing and encourage everyone else you know to do the same. Covid 19 is a kick in the guts to sailing and to the structure of sailing that we have all got to know in recent years as well as to the country overall.  Our response should be to get back to grass roots, enjoy the opportunity it offers and support your clubs and enjoy local sailing. It does not matter whether your target for this year was the Olympics, a World Championship, a National Championship or completing in a club race. We all need to get together and participate. We need to enjoy what we have, club sailing. So over the winter find your local sailing opportunity, take part and encourage everyone else to do the same.
At this stage we are planning for a full domestic program 2020/21; NI Champs, SI champs, Nationals and all the usual local interclub regattas so, barring a hiccup in eliminating Covid 19 from NZ, next season should look pretty normal here at home. Only time will tell if there are any international opportunities  but in he meantime don't be shy. SUPPORT CLUB SAILING. Don't just train with a few mates, get out there in a few weeks when we can and lets see everyone on the water supporting club Laser sailing in NZ.
Nick Page