To Laser Nationals Competitors from Torbay Sailing Club

As vice commodore of Torbay Sailing Club and one of the organisers of the Laser Nationals I would like to thank all 185 competitors, friends and family who came to Waiake Beach.
It was great to meet and sail with people from the length and breadth of NZ and beyond. From world champions to relative novices on a budget like myself, it makes you realise that Laser sailing is accessible to so many people.
 I would like to thank all competitors for their understanding and compliance, when the weather and outside factors effected the event beyond our control. Overall we feel that the event went pretty smoothly, with a good race management and judge team, from our end great people to work with.
 I would personally like to thank all on and off the water helpers, if it was your parents or partners please pass on the appreciation. Without their help and support from other sailing clubs we would not have been able to make an event this size possible.
 I am sure to meet many of you again at events over the years, hopefully further up the fleet!
 If you are looking for an even bigger centre board sailing event, I would certainly recommend the Sir Peter Blake Memorial Regatta at torbay in early December 2011, Torbays flagship event. Around 450 sailors in 2010, excellent sailing with a carnival atmosphere!
 Rostering two major events in two months, no wonder I look old and grey.
Thanks again for taking part and happy sailing.
Phil Jones
Torbay SC