Laser Class Changing to Torch Class?

You may be aware of the long running builders dispute between the designer Bruce Kirby and LaserPerformance (the builder and supplier of Lasers into UK, Europe and North America) over the non-payment of design royalties.
In the latest phase of that dispute Bruce Kirby in conjunction with Performance Sailcraft Australia and two new builders in the US and Europe have announced they are converting operations to produce exactly the same boat under a new brand name the 'Torch'.

A positive aspect is that Bruce Kirby and PSA's clearly stated motivation is to break a legal deadlock and reenable the worldwide production and supply of exactly the same boat as we are all sailing now - albeit under a different name.  

While the eventual outcome of the dispute still remains far from clear to us, particularly on an International and Olympic basis, what is clear is that locally we will all be able to continue to purchase equipment for and enjoy competing in the best one design fleet in NZ and the world.

So while the Titans battle over the spoils lets just do our thing and keep doing what we have always done, enjoy sailing a great boat, and once the dust settles we will hopefully emerge with clear direction and a reinvigorated Class that will provide the platform for next 40 years.

Nick Page