IC308 - 2011 Vote on the Fundamental Rule Change affecting design rights - majority in favour

The ILCA has reported on the result of the rule change affecting the builders and design rights holder.

For those who have followed the issue, here is a quick summary of the latest situation;

  • the ICLA say they are still not aware of any agreement between the design rights holder and Laser Performance Europe
  • the ICLA members vote has been completed and audited with the majority in favour of the ICLAs proposed rule change 1017 ‘yes’ (89.3%) and  122 ‘no’ (10.7%)
  • The ICLA is now seeking the approval of the ISAF for the rule change

The ICLA report on the vote is here;

It includes a summary of the past and current situation and next steps - from the point of view of the ICLA. If you're interested in the issue, or don't know what it is about then go to that link to get the ICLA's perspective. But be aware that other parties have differing views and there has been a lot of discussion in online and forums.

The NZLA as an association has remained neutral on this issue. Some members have formed their own opinion and some have participated in the vote.