Challenging Start to the 2010 Radial Worlds in Scotland

Consistency has been hard to come by for most sailors in the opening 2 days of the 2010 Radial World Champs in Largs Scotland.

The first race of the first day was a blustery south east test of hiking strength. The race comittee reporting up to 25 knots on the course. This gave way to a dimishing westerly in the second race. With big changes in direction and pressure, the race committee were happy just to have completed 2 races.

There are 114 boats divided into 2 fleets in the womens event.
Miranda Powrie topped the scoring for the New Zealanders with an 11 and 16 in the yellow fleet. But her full story better matches the variable conditions. Barging by another sailor had her rafted up at the first start. But she was pleased with her speed to claw back to 20th at the last top mark, then 2 brilliant reaches to get up to 11th. Her second race was a mirror. A good start and 4th at the top mark followed by a bad casize on the first downwind dropping 15 places.

Sara Winther made a slow start in the yellow fleet with a 23rd in the first race but took advantage of the variable conditions in the second race for a 6th.

Rachel Besevi also showed even results with a 20 and 22 in the yellow fleet. And Jessica Barrel had a 49 and 43 in the blue fleet. Catherine Chimney a girl from the US training and racing under the NZL started with a 53 and 52.

More consistent results from the 2 kiwi men, both in the yellow fleet of the 92 boat mens competition. Spencer Loxton had a very strong start with a 7 and 9. And George Lane had back to back 13's.

On the second day a swirling off shore easterly proved very difficult and scattered the results of many top saiors in both the mens and womens competitions. Shifts of up to 40 degrees and big variations in pressure were reported at various times during the day.

The results of the kiwi girls reflected the trying conditions. Sara had another up and down day with a 14 and a 27 which leaves her 31 overall. Rachel showed resilience to follow a 51st with a 6th, moving up to 40th ahead of Miranda who slipped back to 43 after a 23rd and a disappointing 52. Catherine had a 45 and 44 and Jessica had 2 53s.

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