Chairman's May 2020 Update

Hi Everyone,
Well we've all learn a new language and made it to what we all now know as level 2, so we can try and ignore the disasters that is the rest of the world and go sailing. So here are a few updates and thoughts….
As I said in my last website post SUPPORT CLUB SAILING. We may not have the opportunity to travel much for a while but all the more strength to club sailing. For those in the north winter racing at Tamaki and Pupuke is getting underway over the next fortnight and I am sure that there are many other clubs where there will be some racing starting over the next few weeks so make the effort, get out there and join in. If anyone is interested in the class sponsored coaching at your club later in the year please contact us and we will try and set it up for you.
Next seasons programme is being finalised. As well as supporting club sailing look forward to a full programme of inter club regattas and YNZ training programmes. Anyone is welcome to let us know of any event you would like considered for the program but certainly it will feature the usual popular events including the NI's in Napier and SI's in November, Nationals at Worser Bay in January and Auckland Champs and Masters at Tamaki at the end of the season.
On the world scene ILCA has 6 new builders appointed and working through the pre production approval process and we expect to see them starting to sell boats and equipment very soon. This will be a fundamental change for the class and is bound to take a while to settle down but expect to see marketing from new builders starting to appear over the next few months. With the new builders now coming on stream ILCA is able to extend its focus and commence the second part of the World Sailing required FRAND changes, introduction of new supplier. This process will allow new sailmakers, spar suppliers and foil suppliers to produce ILCA equipment and should further improve the competitiveness of the class parts market in the future. All of this will be strictly controlled by ILCA's technical team to ensure that the strict one design principles on which the class is based are maintained.
Also on the world scene, some of you who were planning trips to World Championships will be well aware that all the remaining planned 2020 Laser World Championships have had to be cancelled due to the virus. ILCA has in place a full schedule of championships planned for 2021, so we can only hope that a vaccine is developed and international travel restarted for those of us who fancy a world trip before then.
If anyone wants more info on any Laser issues please feel free to get in touch but in the meantime stay safe, enjoy time on the water and I look forward to seeing all of you at regattas next season.
Nick Page
NZLA Chairman