Buy, Sell & Charter Lasers

Buy, Sell or Charter Lasers and Laser gear.
If you have anything to buy and sell, need a charter or want to offer one, then please contact the
Ad's should include the price, a good description, an email address and a phone number.
Sellers, be aware that scammers occasionally pose as buyers.

Laser available for Charter

Laser 197259 is permanently available for charter in Auckland.
The boat is in very good condition.
$100 per day, with a decreased rate per day for multiple day regattas.
Just bring your own sail. All other equipment available.

Bob Blakey +64 21 723 827 |

Lasers for sale in Menorca

We have some lasers for sale in Menorca.
We also have lasers from 2017 and 2018 approx 20 of each
Buyers would be responsible for shipping.
Ian Aldridge  |  +44 (0)20 8948 2106  |  |

Laser Wanted

Must be in excellent race-ready condition.
Pref Radial but consider full.
Can pick up Auckland weekend 11th Aug 18
Call or text 0221678322  |  03-5402223  |

Laser 198112 for sale


  • 198112
  • Full rig
  • top cover
  • Zhik hiking strap
  • carbon tiller
  • Mk2 standard sail (radial cut)
  • Aluminum trolley

View in Milford.
Neil  |  021 724577

Wanted Laser 2

Laser 2 wanted in Christchurch area.
Phil Galloway 033181588

Rooster Sail 8.1 Complete + battens + carbon mast extender

This is the Rooster brand 8.1 sail and carbon mast extender that fits between the lower and top sections.  It was purchased with the boat, has had virtually nil use, and is not going to be used by me in Wellington (I weigh 70kg). 
I see these kits retail for $850 in NZ.
Phone Karl 0210 755 374 or email

Laser Trailer for sale

Designed to carry two Lasers, under & over, Tows very well.
Galvanised, Ironbark cradle ends & sides with ply floor.
Call Sam 021522761 or

Wanted Laser beach trolley and/or road trailer

Anything close to Wellington considered.

Please contact Davin  |  0274310373  |

Laser available for charter

$100 per day
Based in Auckland
Rohan Lord  |  021 791476  |

Laser bits for sale

Rooster laser carbon tiller extension and joint - 1.25m and 25mm diameter.
Excellent condition, barely used. $134.00 (new $169).


Darren Gosse, 021 511 934,

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