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Two 2nds for NZL at 2015 Sail Melbourne

Laser Radial
Susannah Pyatt 2nd.
Ali Nightingale 9th
Julia Francis 20th

Thomas Saunders 2nd
Andrew McKenzie 12th
Matt Blakey 16th
Matt Kempkers 20th

All Results

2015 North Island Laser Champs Report

Napier again hosted the contest as part of their Summer regatta, with competitors welcomed by 27degree temperatures causing many of the Wellington contingent to remark on the contrast with spring in Wellington! There was a fantastic turnout with over 50 Lasers entered and it was great to see a strong youth contingent and competitors from as far afield as Picton, Christchurch and Whangarei.

Results for all classes

Saturday started with a nice 10 knot breeze and all fleets started on time at 11am. However half way through the first race things changed dramatically, with a 35 to 40 knot pressure line coming down from the shore causing some exciting moments for all and causing a fair degree of carnage with bent and broken yachts scattered around the bay. This resulted in the races being abandoned after the leaders finished and all boats being sent ashore. Unfortunately the winds did not moderate until late in the day so there was no more racing possible on Saturday.

Sunday however delivered fantastic conditions with a light sea breeze slowly building through the day and 4 quality races being completed.
In the 36 strong Radial fleet youth trumped experience with Josh Armit showing real class in winning two races in dominant style and backing that up with a 2nd and 5th to take the trophy ahead of Albert Stanley from Worser Bay and Alistair Gifford from QCYC who each managed a race win. There was a great turnout for the Youth girls fleet with strong top 10 performances from Ali Nightingale in 5thand Libby Porter in 8th the standouts. Leading Master was Ed Tam in 7th with GM Roger Winton sneaking into the top 10 to provide some balance to the youth domination.
In the Standards it was again a contest of youth vs experience with Master Andrew Dellabarca repeating last years victory in spite of a strong challenge from last years Radial winner, youth James Jennings who finished 2nd.  Third was Greg Wiltshire from Howick, holding up the Auckland masters end of the contest in what is becoming an annual North vs South challenge. It was interesting to see 3 of the new standard sails being used but all we could conclude from the results was that they seem very close in performance to the old model and there did not seem to be any consistent speed advantage in the conditions we experienced.
The strong turnout at this regatta bodes well for the Nationals at Muratai in January so we are looking forward to strong Youth and Masters fleets being joined by Open and overseas sailors in what should again provide a quality contest.
Nick Page

2015 South Island Laser Champs

The South Islands were at Charteris Bay  on 21/22 November and attracted sailors from Te Anau, Dunedin, Timaru, Nelson, Queen Charlotte and Christchurch.

There were 11 Radials and 2 Full Rigs with a good range of Masters, Open, Youth, and Women sailors.

Saturday was a nice NE wind building through the day starting at 10-15 knots and ending at 20-23 knots.
Peter Graham from Dunedin dominated the Radials with 1,1,1 score with Hamish on 2,2,2 and Neil Morris a GM also from Dunedin on 3,3,3.
In the Full Rigs Chris Shannon showed his class with a 1,1,1 and Daryl Parkes 2,2,2.
Ibobrufen and Panadol and a hot spa were definitely required on Saturday night by some Masters sailors! (Hamish).

Sunday saw a honking SW in the Bay which gradually reduced over the day and actually went around 180 degrees to the NE again by the end of Race 6.

Notably the Radials had a different winner in each race, which was nice to see. Daryl Parkes had good speed and won a couple of races from Chris in the Full Rigs, well done.

Overall Radials:

  • 1st Peter Graham  O(7 pts)
  • 2nd Hamish Atkinson M (11 pts)
  • 3rd  Neil Morris GM (12 pts)
  • 4th  Samuel Rushton Y (18pts)
  • 5th  Alex Morris O(19 pts),
  • 6th Lola Adams W (27pts)
  • 7th Layton Hern
  • 8th Durham Throp
  • 9th Bas Hart
  • 10th Ross Shipman
  • 11th Anna Breen

Full Rigs:

  • 1st Chris Shannon AM (6pts)
  • 2nd Daryl Parkes (8pts)
Thanks to Charteris Bay Yacht Club, Canterbury Laser Fleet and Oborns.
Hamish Atkinson 

2015 North Harbour Masters

The 2015 North Harbour Masters was held at Lake Pupuke on 8 November, attracting a good fleet of 26 Masters; 20 Standard and 6 Radial and including several out of town visitors. The weather gods turned on a beautiful el nino spring day, fine and warm but unfortunately with a very light and variable westerly breeze. 

All Results

Pupuke is never easy but with the wind regularly shifting up to 45 degrees and many flat spots between the puffs everyone found it challenging and no one was able to consistently dominate, although the Pupuke fleet members showed out in the final results, indicating that maybe local knowledge counted for something, even though none of us could actually figure out what! In the standards there were 5 different winners in the 5 races while in the Radial 3 sailors scored bullets.
At the end of the day the final results in the Standards came down to a countback, with Nick Page (GM) coming out on top from Gary Lock (GM) by virtue of having managed a win in race 2. There was another tie for 3rd and 4th with Tony Nicholson (M) edging out club commodore John Dowsett (GM), again by virtue of securing a race win. Club stalwart John was extremely unlucky not to triumph having the best 3 race score for the day (2,2,3) but getting caught out by shifts in the other 2 races.  It was great to see Michelle Bain (WM) join the fleet as the start of her preparations for the 2017 World Master Games Laser event at Torbay and we hope to see many more new or returning faces through the season as we build towards the 2017 contest.
In the Radials it again took a tie break to determine the winner by the slimmest of margins, with Murray Bain  (M) only triumphing by virtue of a superior discard from Georgi Yankov (M), with both sailors counting 2 wins and 2 seconds. Third and leading Apprentice was Vladimir Minkov.
So another successful start to the seasons Masters regattas and we look forward to strong fleets at the upcoming SI champs at Charteris Bay, NI’s in Napier and Sir Peter Blake regatta at Torbay over the next few weeks.
Nick Page

2 top 10 results for NZL Lasers at the 2015 ISAF Sailing World Cup Abu Dhabi

2015 ISAF Sailing World Cup Abu Dhabi.
NZL Sailing Team’s Final Results.
  • Sam Meech – 8th
  • Mike Bullot – 10th
  • Andy Maloney – 11th
  • Sara Winther – 19th

Full Results

Sailors comments on

NZLA Chairman’s Report 2015

Prepared for the NZLA AGM 20 Oct 2015
The Laser class has again led the way for dinghy sailing nationally with good fleets to many regattas across the country and we have again seen our sailors perform well at international level.
Internationally, while the court case with the licensee and builders remains unresolved it has been great to see the new Standard Rig sail released as of November and hopefully we will see progress on the other ongoing equipment issues, principally bending top and Radial bottom sections, shortly.
Congratulations to Scott Leith for landing another Radial World title. There were also many solid performances from our top Youth, Open and Masters sailors at international regattas.
Our grants and coaching initiatives has again continued and NZLA will continue to encourage and sponsor coaching this season for any club or group of Laser sailors. It is often difficult to find suitable slots where coaches are available and thanks to Mike Keeton for his continued perseverance in organising the class coaching.
The Nationals at Takapuna were a success with the total fleet of 150+ boats. We hope to see a continuation of the strong support from sailors at this seasons contest at Muritai.
This raises one of the issues currently facing NZLA. With the new ISAF world cup regatta format our top international sailors need to attend the ISAF Miami regatta in January 2016, meaning that they will be overseas and miss our Nationals. Your committee have discussed our options and agreed that for 2016 and 2017 we will continue with our Nationals in January as the advantages of these dates outweigh the disadvantages. However if the ISAF program remains unchanged we may need to consider a change, at least to the Open division Nationals, in the future.
The local initiative for women’s sailing and the special women’s regattas have continued this season with increasing participation and a special thanks to Chantal for her ongoing organisation of this program.
With the 2017 World Masters games Laser sailing at Torbay we are looking to attract additional Masters sailors to our fleets. The 2017 contest will be open entry and an ideal opportunity for Masters to join the class with a specific target in mind.
Financially we again enjoyed a satisfactory year and the association remains in good financial health.
A proposal was raised last year for NZLA to purchase boats for charter. After quite extensive investigation of the options we did not proceed with this as the potential costs and complications of owning, managing, storing and chartering boats were found to be just too difficult for an organisation of the nature of NZLA to commit too.
Karen Grimwade has again done a great job as our secretary. I again would like to thank all our committee for their input this year, particularly Mike Keeton who in the dual roles of Treasurer and Coaching Coordinator and Mike Knowsley for his ongoing work on our high quality and constantly evolving website. If anyone would like to join the committee or propose or discuss any Laser issue you are always welcome to contact me or any member of the committee via the NZLA website e mail contacts
Thanks and enjoy another season of challenges sailing a great little boat.
Nick Page -Chairman NZLA

The 2017/2018 NZ Laser Regatta Program

NZLA, together with YNZ and clubs throughout the country have again put together a program aimed at meeting the aspirations of all our Laser sailing groups.
Groups we have focused on in preparing the program include;
  • Club Sailors
  • International sailors
  • Youths
  • Masters
  • Non-International Open sailors
  • Women sailors
So here's an outline of opportunities we see as being the focus for each of you in planning your season;
Club Sailors

There are over 40 yacht clubs in NZ where Lasers race, from Taipa in the north to Bluff in the south, and we see representatives from most of these clubs at interclub regattas and the Laser Nationals each season. NZLA is keen to continue to encourage and assist development and growth of Laser sailing at club level and continues to offer clubs coaching support from our top sailors. If you are interested in NZLA supported coaching at your club please contact us through the link on the website. 
Most clubs hold regular weekly racing throughout the summer season, typically from October to March, while some of the more prominent Laser clubs such as Pupuke and Tamaki have year-round club Laser racing programs. Details of club programs are best obtained directly from clubs, who will all welcome approaches from existing or aspiring Laser sailors wishing to try joining the fleet. So get your Laser on the water at the local club but also give a few interclub regattas, the NI, SI or Nationals a shot as set out below.

International Sailors

These days our top Laser sailors, both men, and women are full-time professionals, each working towards their ultimate goals of World Championship and Olympic success. Their competitive year is driven by the World Sailing international regatta program, as well as the Laser World Championship and for those fortunate enough each 4-year cycle, the Olympics. Their training programs are structured around those regattas and being professional sailors, while we see them training regularly in NZ, they are able to compete locally only occasionally, normally in our NZ Laser Nationals and the Yachting New Zealand’s Oceanbridge NZL Regatta.

This coming season Yachting NZ are trialing a 'Tasman Series' comprising 5 regattas in cooperation with the Australian Sailing Team;


  • Oceanbridge NZL Regatta 2nd-5th Feb 2018 Murrays Bay SC
Youth Sailors

There are extensive opportunities for male and female youth sailors to train and compete in the Laser Radial both in NZ and internationally. 
The key opportunities within NZ are based on an established YNZ training program and a season-long program of local, national and international regattas. While there are many local interclub regattas around the country, for 2016/2017 season key NZ regattas where we expect a strong youth fleet include;
  • Wincham (Murrays Bay SC - 7th & 8th October 2017)
  • NZ Youth Trials (Gulf Harbour - 11th to 15th October 2017)
  • SI Laser Champs (Naval Point YC 25th & 26th November 2017)
  • NI Laser Champs (Napier Sailing Club 25th & 26th November 2017)
  • Sir Peter Blake Regatta (Torbay Sailing Club - 2nd & 3rd December 2017)
  • NZ Laser Nationals (Naval Point Club Lyttelton - 17th to 21st January 2018)
  • Oceanbridge NZL Regatta (Murrays Bay SC - 2nd to 5th February 2018)
  • Auckland Laser Championships (Torbay SC - 17th & 18th February 2018)
  • 24 Hours Race (Lake Pupuke - 10th & 11th March 2018)
Many youth sailors also take the opportunity to sail in international regattas. Some of the more popular will be;
  • Australian Youth Champs (RQYS - 11th to 15th January 2018)
  • World Youth Laser Champs (TBC)
For the top male and female Laser youth sailor each season, selected by YNZ, there is also the opportunity to compete in the ISAF World Youth Championship.

Masters sailing is one of the stronger Laser sailing groups in NZ. There are opportunities for Masters to compete locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. 
With the success of the WMG Laser sailing in 2017, we are looking forward to strong Masters fleets this season.
The main regional and national regattas attended by Masters sailors include;
  • North Harbour Masters (Pupuke - 12th November 2017)
  • SI Laser Champs (Naval Point YC 25th & 26th November 2017)
  • NI Laser Champs (Napier Sailing Club 25th & 26th November 2017)
  • Sir Peter Blake Regatta (Torbay Sailing Club - 2nd & 3rd December 2017)
  • NZ Laser Nationals (Naval Point Club Lyttelton - 17th to 21st January 2018)
  • Auckland Laser Championships (Torbay Sailing Club  - 17th & 18th February 2018)
  • Wellington Laser Champs (TBA)
  • Panmure RSA regatta ( Panmure Lagoon SC - 22nd April  2018)
  • Auckland Laser Masters (Tamaki Yacht Club - TBA)
  • Freshwater Champs (Pupuke - 19th & 20th May 2018)
Internationally the main opportunities targeted by NZ masters sailors this season are likely to be;
  • Oceania & Australian Laser Masters (Mooloolaba - February 2018)
  • South Pacific Laser Masters (Brisbane - July 2018)
  • World Laser Masters (Ireland - September 2018)
Non-International Open sailors
Sailors who have graduated from the youth ranks but are not pursuing international professional success are welcome at all open regattas, with the main focus generally being;
  • SI Laser Champs (Naval Point YC 25th & 26th November 2017)
  • NI Laser Champs (Napier Sailing Club 25th & 26th November 2017)Sir Peter Blake Regatta (Torbay Sailing Club - 2nd & 3rd December 2017)
  • NZ Laser Nationals (Naval Point Club Lyttelton - 17th to 21st January 2018)
  • Auckland Laser Championships (Torbay Sailing Club - 17th & 18th February 2018)
  • Wellington Laser Champs (TBA)
  • Panmure RSA regatta ( Panmure Lagoon SC - 22nd April  2018)
  • Freshwater Champs (Pupuke - 19th & 20th May 2018)
Women Sailors
There is a program of women’s coaching regattas held in Auckland throughout the season. Details of the contacts and dates for the regatta are published on the NZLA website.
So get the boat ready, plan your season and we look forward to seeing you on the water. We are aware that there are many local regattas around the country not listed above where Laser’s compete. We are very happy to publicise these on the NZLA website so please submit details (blurb and NOR details) to us ( so they can be posted and send us reports on your event for us to publish on the website and let everyone know what is going on around the country.
Nick Page
NZLA Chairman

Laser Class Announces New Standard Sail Design

The all new Standard Mark II Laser sail available on 1 November

ILCA Office
9 September 2015

The International Laser Class Association (ILCA) is pleased to announce the release of a completely new class-legal design for the Laser standard rig sail. The release marks the first time in over 40 years that the Laser sail design has been substantially updated.

Known as the Standard Mark II Sail, the new patented design is the result of thousands of hours of design work and on-the-water testing involving the Laser builders, the Association, two major sailmakers and some of the world’s top sailors.

The Mark II features bi-radial panels, a heavier 4.5 ounce cloth and optimized reinforcement patches, all intended to maximize the sail’s competitive life. The sail also features tapered battens with Velcro batten pocket closures, a larger window for improved visibility and a patented re-designed luff tube to eliminate wrinkles at the mast joint.

“This is a quantum leap forward for our class,” says ILCA President, Tracy Usher. “For several years the number one complaint about the Laser has been the outdated sail design. We’ve put a lot of time and effort into this new sail design and we’re really happy with the result.”

As with all changes to the Laser, the new sail has been carefully designed to be backwards compatible with the existing equipment, meaning it was not designed to provide improved performance. Instead, the Mark II promises improved durability and ease of use.

According to ILCA Technical Officer, Clive Humphris, “The main objective of the design project for the Mark II was to create a sail with equal performance to the existing sail, but with better durability. We worked very hard to ensure that the Mark II was not a faster sail and wouldn’t make all the existing sails obsolete overnight. The original Laser standard sail will continue to be available through authorized Laser dealers and we fully expect to see the two designs racing side-by-side for a number of years.”

The initial run of class-legal Mark II sails will be available starting 1 November 2015, with worldwide availability by early 2016. Because of the timing of the release, by agreement with International Sailing Federation (ISAF) the Mark II will not be used in the 2016 Olympic Games or any Olympic country qualifying events for 2015 or 2016.

The use of the sail will be controlled by the Notice of Race for each event until after the 2016 games. After that time, the Mark II will be allowed in all ILCA sanctioned regattas along with the original standard rig sail.

“Because many of the Olympic qualifying events have already occurred, we’ve agreed with ISAF that we shouldn’t make any major changes to the equipment for the 2016 games at this time,” says Usher. “Our goal is to have the Mark II sail available worldwide for the start of the next quadrennium, leading up to the 2020 games in Tokyo.”

In coordination with ISAF and the Laser Builders, ILCA will make further announcements about the availability of the Mark II sail and its use at events over the coming months.


Women Laser Coaching Session at Point Chevalier Sailing Club - 5th September.

On a blustery Saturday morning in early September 13 women laser sailors travelled from far and wide to Point Chevalier Sailing Club for a coaching session with acclaimed NZ Laser Radial sailor Mike Bullot.
After a couple of sailors dashed over to The Watershed for an early morning boom purchase we settled in for a really useful theory session with Mike. As conditions freshened we headed out into squally weather which saw the first of several capsizes but also some determined and exciting sailing by all. Mike sped around the fleet giving sailors feedback and useful advice and helping the rescue crew to keep everyone in their boats.
Thanks to fantastic support before, during and after the sailing from legend Jim Quinn, Commodore Peter Fletcher, Club Captain Ian Dobson, Crispin Balfour and several club rescue crew we had a fantastic day, followed by tasty afternoon tea - and even a couple of bottles of bubbles.
This is the third women’s coaching session that has dialled up challenging conditions but fantastic to see sailors at every level getting in there keen to learn. Clubs represented included Tauranga Yacht Club, Hamilton Yacht Club, Panmure Lagoon Sailing Club,  Pupuke Boating Club, French Bay Yacht Club and Point Chevalier Sailing Club - so a fantastic turn out for conditions that had been forecast to be a bit on the wild side.
Thanks again to Mike for his time and valuable insights, to Chantal Grass for organising all of these coaching events and to the NZ Laser Association for their support of these great coaching sessions. 
Kirsty Mac Donald, Point Chevalier Sailing Club

Andy Maloney after the Olympic test event in Rio

Hey Everyone,
I have just returned home from a month of training and racing over at the 2016 Olympic Venue. Click the link below to read my quick blog update "Rio Life", to get a feel for my month in Rio...
Thanks for the continued support!
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