2011 Laser National Champs

The 2011 New Zealand Laser National Champs will be at Torbay Sailing Club on Aucklands North Shore from 21-25 January 2011.

2011 NZ Laser Nationals Photos on luvmyboat.com

Images from the NZ Nationals are available here at luvmyboat.com

I'm gradually adding more images to the site and should have about two hundred up by the end of the day. I have about 450 reasonable shots so anyone who can't see their photo is welcome to email me via the website and I'll have a look for them.

Membership to our site is free and I generally have a policy that if a member sees a photo of themselves and would like a copy I am happy to send them the file provided it is only used privately - ie have printed for their own use.
As a keen boatie, I appreciate how hard it is to get an action shot or decent photo of yourself as most people aren't stupid enough to try taking photos in large swells with lots of spray around.
Cathy Vercoe

To Laser Nationals Competitors from Torbay Sailing Club

As vice commodore of Torbay Sailing Club and one of the organisers of the Laser Nationals I would like to thank all 185 competitors, friends and family who came to Waiake Beach.
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